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Leave a gift in your will to the British Red Cross

“To those who are vulnerable and alone, I leave compassion, reassurance and hope.”

The British Red Cross legacy advertising campaign was launched in 2012. A television advert is at the heart of the campaign, which also includes press and online advertising.

The campaign focuses on how vital legacies are to the British Red Cross and how just one percent in a will can make a significant difference to people in crisis for generations to come.

There is a common misconception that leaving a legacy to charity means committing large amounts of money, but this is not the case. The campaign reminds people that literally every penny makes a difference.

Greenpeace Sweden’s Legacy Commercials

Cartoons are a great way of communicating a message but why was this not adapted universally? Perhaps it I did not work. I think there is real creative brilliance behind these cartoons.
Each These Greenpeace ads features a different species – click on each one to see how you feel about the animals being the story tellers.

Bob Monkhouse Genius Prostate Cancer Ad